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We Will Get Through This Together

Dear Friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones healthy and well. As we continue to navigate through these challenging and unprecedented times, we are forced to dig deep within ourselves for the strength and patience needed to cope with this “new normal.” Now more than ever I find myself reflecting on things I did not fully appreciate previously; hugging a friend, shaking the hand of someone I’m meeting for the first time, celebrating special occasions with friends and family, seeing the smiling face of a stranger at the grocery store. Although I am longing for these experiences now, I find comfort in knowing that things will not be this way forever. I have no doubt that we will get through this together and come out with a deeper appreciation for the human connections that we are now reminded are incredibly significant to our lives.

Since April, we have held over 60 virtual support groups for our children and families. Although groups have looked different, the creativity, friendship and love has remained the same. We have continued to meet virtually with new families and welcome them into our programs. To witness the way grief is shared and its burden shouldered, regardless of the physical distance, is heartwarming and has validated our efforts to continue our mission in this unconventional way. We have seen deeper into each other’s lives and it has been a meaningful experience for us all. Recently, we were graced with a beautiful piano performance given by one of our kids; the piano, gifted to her by her father, and the song he was teaching her before he died. We were honored to share in that moment.

As we were unable to host our fundraisers and family events this year, I hope you will participate in our special Move for Memories campaign that runs throughout the entire month of October. Whether you participate in memory of a loved one who has died or just to support Mary’s Place, your participation will help to ensure we are here for years to come for all who need us. You are the reason we are able to continue to provide our services at this critical time when they are needed most. On behalf of our children, families and all those in grief to whom we provide support, we can’t thank you enough.

Warmly, Brittany Sheehan

Executive Director

To all who have suffered a loss during this pandemic, our hearts go out to you. Please know that we are here for you. Our doors are always open.

SUMMER 2020 NEWSLETTER box updated
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