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Amazon Smile Ended on Feb 20th, 2023.

Thank you to all our friends who

chose Mary's Place to benefit from your Amazon shopping!

Amazon Smile donated 0.5 % of each purchase to Mary's Place. 
These donations came on a quarterly basis (so long as $5 was reached). If quarterly donations did not total $5 they were dispersed to Mary's Place at the end of the calendar year.
Amazon did not provide charities with donation reports or any 
donor information so while we would have loved to formally thank you, we are not given your name or contact information. 

Thanks to you, Amazon Smile has provided Mary's Place with a liftime total of $86.46 (see below for the breakdown)

January 1 - March 31, 2022
$24.66  October 1- December 31, 2021
$33.95  July 1- September 30, 2021

We appreciate your support!
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