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  • Truthful and clear information.
    What happened?

  • Security
    Who will take care of me now?

  • To have a normal life and feel that it is okay.
    Who will take me to my soccer games?

  • To be listened to
    Who can I trust and talk to?

  • Permission to express or not express feelings.
    Who will accept me for who I am and how I feel?

  • To be given choices.
    Can I take part in planning the services or attending if I choose to?

  • Good modeling.
    What are the people I look up to doing?

  • Inclusion
    Does what I think and feel matter?

  • A sense of control.
    How will I keep my world in place?

  • Commemorate
    How will I remember the person who died and how will this person remain a part of my life?

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