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Danielle C.

“Mary’s Place holds a very special place in my heart.  At the age of four my dad passed away suddenly.  I remember the fear, sadness and overwhelming feeling of loss that came along with his death.  My best friend was taken away from me forever.  At this time I needed support, and Mary’s Place was there for me and my mom.  I attended for three years and grew to love every experience there: the arts and crafts, grief games or even just sharing memories of our loved ones.  The other children that surrounded me there know what I was going through which was comforting.  One of my biggest struggles after losing my dad was the feeling of being different than all my other peers at school.  At Mary’s Place I wasn’t different.  Mary’s Place showed me that although grief is hard, everything will turn out okay.

I decided that I wanted to give back to Mary’s Place so I became a teen volunteer in the children’s group which I have done for the past three years.  The children that attend these meetings are incredibly wise and each one moves me with the amount of strength they show.”


Voices of Healing and Hope

“I love the feel of Mary’s Place…it feels like HOME.”

Child participant

“You should come here. You can express your feelings…you won’t be felt left out…you’ll be together with everybody that’s going through the same problem you’re with.”

Child participant

“The groups were my saving grace. People in the group got it. We could feel each other’s pain.

Teen participant

“Mary’s Place has helped make my son stronger and wiser when it comes to loss and as time passes I see growth and healing take place.”


“The young widowers group at Mary’s Place has given me the support and reassurance that feelings I have had during the most difficult time in my life are shared by others.  I felt that I was not alone in my feelings and it has always been a place where you could share and express feelings of grief and loss with others that have been through similar experiences.  Thank you to everyone at Mary’s Place.”


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