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Farewell Lisa

From the Director

Spring 2016

As I write this letter I am a few months away from my final days at Mary’s Place. At the end of May I will be retiring, stepping down from my role as executive director. I feel truly blessed to have been allowed to share in the grief journey of those who have come through our doors. Never did I expect to be here for 17 years, let alone be the director for 10 of those years. I will always be grateful to Mary Keane for calling me and asking if I would like to facilitate a support group with her at Mary’s Place. That one group turned into two and that in turn led to my becoming the Associate Director of Mary’s Place, and then Executive Director upon her retirement.

There is much about Mary’s Place that I will miss. One of the things I will miss the most is talking with families when they make the initial call to attend a group. As difficult as these phone calls can be, it is such a gratifying feeling for me, for I know without a doubt, that if they just take that step and come to Mary’s Place, life will be better for them. We can’t take away their pain, but I passionately believe, by being here, their grief will become softer. Here, they will find comfort, acceptance and hope.

My hope has always been for this newsletter to be an avenue for you to truly see the work that is done here, how important it is to those who come here, and how very much your support helps each child and family. There are so many people to thank for all they do to support our programs. I can’t begin to name all of you. You are the ones who truly make Mary’s Place “a light in the tunnel.” I trust that as Mary’s Place transitions into new leadership, you will continue to support this very special place.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Warmly, Lisa Peluso

“And as my life has been gently touched by other lives, it follows that I have touched theirs too. One cannot always know the time of greatest need. Perhaps this is as it should be. Perhaps it is only for me to light one darkened corner of the path. To place a hand upon your shoulder as a symbol of my kindship and my love. To fill some special need. But this is not always given to us to know. Sometimes a single word will lift the spirt. Sometimes words are so inadequate. And sometimes it is destined that one must only listen. Sometimes a smile will bridge the empty darkness. Sometimes just the nearness is the answer.” ~ Winston O. Abbott

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