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Success In Support

Dear Friends, Our purpose is to provide an atmosphere of trust in which children and families who are grieving a death share their experiences, receive support and find comfort. Have we been successful in achieving our mission? I can say with every fiber of my being that we are successful on a regular basis, because I see it. I am honored to serve in a capacity where I witness the fulfillment of our mission in so many ways. Success is had with each phone call, each meeting, every opportunity to be there for our participants and to connect them with one another. Times of celebration and times of sorrow are enriched when we are together. The reassurance that we are not alone is a powerful thing. It can and often does carry us through the darkest and heaviest times of our lives. In 2021 we supported hundreds of individuals through direct support in our programs, confidential phone support, meetings and referrals to other resources. Within our walls thousands of memories, stories, fears, feelings and hopes have been shared and countless connections have been made. It is each one of these opportunities and experiences that plant seeds that take root and allow growth, healing and hope to blossom in the lives of our participants. I hope that if you are able to, you will join us at our next Open House on Thursday April 28, 2022 4-6pm. We welcome every opportunity to share more about our important work and to get to know those of you who make Mary’s Place possible. Thank you for for taking the time out of your day to read our newsletter and for your unwavering support. We are a community and a support system of people helping people. You are very much a part of our community- it couldn’t exist without you. Warmly, Brittany Sheehan

winter spring newsletter 2022 final
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