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Little Miracles

Dear Friends,

On my way out the door today, I noticed two of the most beautiful flowers that seem to have appeared out of nowhere, in a place no flowers would typically grow. These little miracles blossomed among the weeds, through rock and sand, and stood tall and strong.

These flowers remind me of the little miracles that happen at Mary’s Place. As our children and families navigate through their grief journeys, they often find hope and healing in unexpected moments and in ways they didn’t know were possible, just by being with one another.

Thanks to your support, Mary’s Place is able to be the beacon of light for all who come to us in their time of darkness. We are the place where lifelong connections are made and hearts open and begin to mend. We are the club no one wants to join and yet the family no one would trade.

Sharing our grief is something we do here every day. That being said, you may be surprised to hear that Mary’s Place is not always a sad place. It is a place of comfort and trust. A place where secrets are kept and stories are told. Along with sad feelings, many happy thoughts and memories are shared. With the sharing of stories and laughter, hearts become lighter and bonds become tighter.

Thank you for being such a significant part of our story and supporting the work we do. You help plant the seeds that allow little miracles to blossom in so many lives. We are eternally grateful to you.


Brittany Sheehan

Executive Director

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